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I'm Amy, I'm 16 and I live in the USA.

Currently studying medical assisting, aspiring film director/producer. I love films and movies.

Taylor Swift and Zoe Saldana are my queens.

On this blog you'll find 95% BBC Sherlock, and 5% fashion, photography, and other fandoms. You'll also find a lot of Johnlock.


I'm in school and all of my classes are graduation requirements so I have no time at all to watch anything.

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I’m tired of people thinking that if Johnlock were to be canon then EVERYTHING would have to change and that everyone wants to see sex. When in actuality, most of us would be fine with hand holding or a little peck on the cheek or on the lips. No one is saying that there MUST be NC-17 scenes and that Johnlock becoming canon MUST mean that there’s sex scenes.

I just want domestic Johnlock.

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New Imitation Game trailer tomorrow ayeeee